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FeriaLover Contest

Are you ready to win the best weekend in the best city in the world? Are you in love with the fair and it's harder to get out of the Real than it is to get out of your shoes? Then this is your FeriaLover contest!

SevillaLover has thrown the house out the window and is already in FeriaLover mode and together with our partners we want you to win a weekend not to forget with a companion.

The FeriaLover contest consists of taking the most flamenco photo, the one that best represents our feriante soul, the one that has more art dancing sevillanas, drinking rebujito or wearing the flower on the head or lapel. You tag us in it with @sevillalover, follow us on our instagram @sevillalovercom and mention 3 friends in the comments. It's that easy!

We will choose the photos of 3 women and 3 men among all the ones you send us and we will publish them so that the 2 with the most likes in both categories, enjoy an unforgettable weekend.

What will you gain?

Well, all this per couple:

    • - 2 breakfasts at @lapanochasevilla
    • - 1 drink per night at
    • - Excursion to the Ruins of Italica in Santiponce with @andalsur
    • - A thermal baths gift box for two persons

    Don't you think it's a great present?!!!!!!

    The only thing you have to worry about is the transfers, which are not included.

    You can participate from this Saturday, April 22, night of Pescaíto, until Sunday, April 30. On the 3rd we will publish the photos of the finalists so you can start voting and a few days later our best fairgoers of the FeriaLover contest will come out.

    And for those who are a little curious, I leave you some data of our Seville fair:

    The first fair was approved by the City Council on September 18, 1846 and was inaugurated on April 18, 1847 in the Prado de San Sebastián, with 19 booths. What was to be a livestock fair soon became one of the most representative and ludic festivities in Seville.

    The first Feria de Abril de los Remedios was held from May 1 to 6, 1973 for reasons of the liturgical calendar, so it was inaugurated at 21:00h on April 30 to try to fix the paradox.

    In 1877, due to the visit of Queen Isabella II of Spain to the Seville Fair, the leaders of Seville made a unification in the decoration of the fair to give homogeneity and highlight all its splendor and that is when the painter Gustavo Bacarisas, who was inspired by the Chinese lanterns, created the current lanterns that first adorned and then illuminated the Real.

    It is also called Real because of the price it cost to go by horse-drawn carriage to the fairgrounds, although many actually charged two.

    The saddest memory of the Fair is undoubtedly that of 1964, where fire was the protagonist. 67 booths burned, with more than 50 people injured of varying degrees of seriousness and the death of an elderly man as a result of the injuries sustained, but the solidarity and speed with which the booths were rebuilt meant that the fair could continue to be held.

    Neither fire, nor politics, nor pandemic... nothing has been able to stop the fair, the will of the Sevillian people to celebrate their way of life, their joy and their customs, has been much stronger than all this, that's why every year more and more people, attracted by this second city full of magic that is created within Seville itself, want to come and share it with us.

    And now you, as the SevillaLover that you are, you just have to show them by sending us your photo and participating in our FeriaLover contest, that you are the best representation of a Seville that loves and feels its fair.

    Good luck to all of you!

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